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Since she’d had time to think about her situation with Matt, Jenna had decided that the best thing she could do would be to take some time for herself, to relax and watch a movie. So, she’d made some hot cocoa, gotten into PJ’s (the ones that had been Matt’s favorite) and curled up in a blanket on her couch. Her phone beeped about halfway through, and she picked it up quickly.

New Message From Matt She read the message, wondering if she should reply right then, or wait. She put her phone down, but kept eyeing it as she watched her movie. Finally, a half hour later, she picked it up. Richard moved on. She didn’t go into further detail, figuring it would be enough for now. He knew what she needed.

He wasn’t surprised when she took a while to reply. But being so knackered from rehearsals, he was almost falling asleep when he read her reply. He considered calling her, not really knowing what to make of her statement. It could have meant that she was upset and maybe he shouldn’t have even mentioned the other man that had been in her life up until recently.

Clarity was definitely needed but at the same time he was tired and afraid he might say something stupid. In the end his concern for her won him over and he found himself dialling her number. “Jen, did you wanna talk?”

He was ready to hang up if she still needed space. His bed was calling him and he needed to get up early in the morning anyway. First he needed to make sure that she was ok. “I’ll listen” he offered.


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Jenna had had a long day. It hadn’t been long in the sense that it was difficult - she loved her job so incredibly much. No, it had been difficult because she’d been missing Matt. Ever since he’d quit Doctor Who, she’d found it harder to spend time with him. There was always work, or family, or other obstacles, and the closer-than-they-should-have-been friends were now at a distance. She missed him, but she didn’t want to call. She’d left him four messages just this week, none of which he’d returned. The way she saw it, that meant one of two things: one, he was busy. Fair enough. Or, two: he didn’t want their friends-with-benefits relationship to continue at a distance. Either way, she could’ve used his arms around her, the way he sometimes moaned her name into her hair in an attempt to get him riled up.

Matt was on his way home after another long day rehearsing. American Psycho had been a leap of faith and he wasn’t sure if he’d made the right choice by jumping straight into another high-demanding project.  He’d have to worry about finding something long term later. Right now he had to focus on becoming Patrick and getting rid of the part of him that still wanted to be the Doctor. That mad man with his box and the cute brunette who really enjoyed his hugs. 

He didn’t dare to check his phone, worried about new texts and recorded messages. He felt like it was 50/50 whether she cared enough to get in touch. Of course they were great friends and even more than that recently, but that didn’t mean she didn’t want to keep her distance now that he’d permanently left the set.

Matt and Karen had no problems reading each others minds and even reflecting each other’s movements. With Jenna it was different. She wasn’t predictable, and that was exciting to him. The thrill was in the chase and part of him liked that he still didn’t know where he stood with her. 

Sitting back on his sofa and kicking off his shoes to reveal brightly stripped socks, he finally checked his phone. The new message beeps reassured him but he still didn’t have the balls to read them. Instead, he sent her a simple text to try and get a reaction.

Coleman! How’s life, family, Richard? I regenerated into Bateman. Didn’t forget Souffle Girl, forgive me? M x.

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Bert and Dickie On Set Pictures 1/?

Bert and Dickie On Set Pictures 1/?

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So I made this. Don’t even ask.


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Threads I want:


  • Any Halloweenesque thread.
  • Pregnancy/newborn thread.
  • Zombie (with a Superhero) thread.
  • Wedding thread.
  • Deathbed thread.
  • Murder thread.
  • Any thread.

I’d love to do one of Matt trick or treating with someone (drunk of their faces). That could be fun.